Club Guidelines

Needham High School Club Guidelines


Anti-Hazing Form Requirement

Clubs are required to distribute, discuss and sign a Massachusetts Anti-Hazing Form each year. Please return to the main office. Anti-Hazing forms must be completed before fundraising activity will be approved.

Fundraising Guidelines
The following information has been taken and revised from the publication: Needham Public Schools Student Activity Account Guidelines. 

After a club is approved by the Principal and Superintendent, a Student Activity Account is established for the club. Student Activity Accounts are regulated by Massachusetts law M.G.L Chapter 71, section 47. The raising and expending of money by clubs should have but one purpose: to promote the general welfare, education and morale of all students.  

Many Needham High School Clubs choose to fundraise with bake sales, apparel sales and special events. These events must first be approved by the Principal and the club advisor must be present during all fundraising events. To request a fundraising event, please use the Event Request Form and indicate that a cash box is required. The cash box will have $50 in change (if needed). Only Needham Public School staff and students are allowed to collect money for deposit. Volunteers and non-school personnel may not collect or handle school funds. Please note that student organizations and NPS students are prohibited from conducting raffles and games of chance. (M.G.L. Ch. 271, s. 7a) 

A student or advisor will pick up the cash box from Mrs. Sickmier before the event and return the cash box immediately after the event.  Under no circumstances should the box be brought home, left in a vehicle or used to purchase goods or services directly from a vendor or given to another organization for safekeeping (such as a parent, the PTC or the Boosters).  If a check is collected during the event, it should be made payable to "Needham Public Schools or "Needham High School". 

Please note that games of change such as raffles are not allowed by the Town of Needham.

Purchasing Guidelines

The money collected or raised will be deposited into the club's Student Activity Account. These funds may then be accessed to make payments to vendors. The best way to purchase goods for a club is to find vendors who will accept a purchase order. You can usually find this information on the vendor's website. Using a purchase order allows clubs to order goods without tax and also keeps students from paying out of pocket and being reimbursed. If a student does order an item and plans to be reimbursed, it is important to remember the following guidelines:

1. All orders for clubs must be delivered to Needham High School rather than a home address
2. Club funds cannot be used to reimburse parents
3. Tax will not be reimbursed

After the goods have been received the vendor is paid using with a Check Request FormThis form must be signed by the student treasurer and advisor.

Please note that gift cards cannot be purchased with club funds.

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