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About Needham High School

Needham High School is situated on a hill overlooking Memorial Park, situated at approximately the geographical center of town. Due to this location, the school is easily accessible to students. The original building which has been renovated was dedicated in 1930. The new school was opened in the fall of 2006.

Needham High School is an accredited member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The reaccreditation report issued in 1998 states,""Needham High School is an excellent school. By all measures of accountability and student achievement, the students at Needham are demonstrating outstanding and rigorous achievement. The dedicated highly able, and talented faculty and staff see to it that student needs are being met in ways that exceed the expectations of the community. The school has a rich history of accomplishments and a record of achievement which brings pride to the community."

The school is a four-year high school with a student population of approximately 1400. The faculty consists of over ninety full- and part-time instructional staff members, plus many additional support staff employees. In addition, the high school has eight counselors to assist students and parents in planning an academic program, in developing post-secondary plans, and in addressing personal issues.

The high school offers a wide range of cocurricular activities including a comprehensive interscholastic athletic program as well as over 50 clubs and organizations, including an active Student Council. 85% of our students are involved in one or more activities. Although participation in these offerings is the primary indicator of success, our athletic and academic teams are very competitive in league, state, and national competitions.

The administrative team at the high school includes the principal, three assistant principals, curriculum leaders for each program, and an athletic coordinator. Teacher leaders provide additional assistance in various management tasks. A School Council comprised of parents, teachers, and students advise the principal and develop a school improvement plan. The Parent-Teacher Council, various parent groups which support the activities programs, and the presence of parents at many school activities encourage active involvement at our school.

The Statement of Purpose begins, "Needham High School is a community and school partnership whose focus is learning." Guided by our core values of "To Think; To Respect; To Communicate, Needham High School strives to meet the learning needs of all our students.

Mission Statement: "To Think, To Respect, To Communicate"

Needham High School draws from the strengths of the community to create partnerships between faculty, parents, and students, both on an individual level and in groups, in order to provide a high quality education. Teaching and learning are central to our mission, as is integrity. The school offers students a variety of opportunities to excel and diversity of perspectives from which to learn in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging. The balanced student is able to participate actively in school and society, be creative, and self-advocate while determining his or her unique path to fulfillment.