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Thinking about getting a laptop for your NHS student? The high school has been exploring the best technology learning devices for its students. While students are not yet required to bring a device to school, they are encouraged to use laptops as learning tools, with teacher discretion.  If you are thinking about obtaining your own device, please consider the following as a guide for device requirements:
  • wireless capability
  • internet browser, preferably Chrome
  • battery life of 7+ hours
  • full keyboard
  • a sturdy case/construction
  • microphone and camera
  • screen of at least 9 inches
  • access to flash player
  • USB port
  • student knowledge and proficiency with device
  • insurance coverage or strategy for breakage
There are many different options that would meet these guidelines. For example, a student could use a windows-based laptop, an Apple laptop, or a Chromebook.